Christopher J. Karolkowski
Founder and CEO of Barlow Security Group

Christopher J. Karolkowski is a retired first grade detective having served over 22 years of distinguished service with the New York City Police Department. Chris began his career in 1994 serving East New Yorks 75th Precinct as a patrol officer. In 1997 he worked as an undercover officer in the narcotics division earning his detective shield in 1999. Along the way Chris was cited 23 times for bravery. In 2000 Chris began his tenure in the Detective Bureau, investigating all classifications of crime. His consistent track record for bringing cases to a successful conclusion earned him promotions to both second and then first grade detective, the highest rank a detective can achieve in the NYPD. Chris has worked on some of the most high profile cases in New York City during his 16 years as a detective, and has been honored by the United States Congress, the New York City Council, Kings, Bronx, New York & Queens County District Attorney's Offices. He has also been honored by numerous local, and national law enforcement organizations. Chris was the 2002 recipient of the National Law Enforcements, Top Cop Of The Nation Award. Upon Police Commissioner William Brattons return to the NYPD in 2014 Chris was selected to participate in a re engineering committee based on his experience and expertise in financial crimes investigations. Chris created the financial investigation assistance and support team (F.A.S.T) which was implemented by Commissioner Bratton in 2015. The unit was formed to stream line the flow of information between law enforcement and the private sector financial institutions when investigating identity theft and financial crime cases, saving consumers millions of dollars and identifying the culprits of these crimes. Chris has been deputized by the F.B.I and D.E.A and has worked directly with London Metropolitan Police Force, Interpol, Toronto Canada Police Force, and many other local and national police departments and government agencies. During his career he has built strong relationships and networks to help investigate cases world wide. Chris served as a hostage negotiator for the NYPD and is a New York State Certfied Law Enforcement Instructor. Chris has been featured on A&E Cold Case Files and Amercian Justice.